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Meteor is going to blow you away.

Ed Pharmacy

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Cheat Sheet’s and Coding

If you are coding a wordpress template or a plugin you are probably going to find yourself diving into the wordpress docs over and over.  It’s frustrating because googling anything for wordpress is a nightmare But when you are building

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Tuts Plus Hacked

Well I guess I’m a nerd since when I have some free time I like to learn something new and I usually head over to tutsplus. However, yesterday I was greeted with a nice page saying they had been

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Codecademy Challenge!

A buddy of mine is trying to learn programming and since his background includes beer and nachos while watching security cameras he’s having some trouble.  His last experience with “code” was many years ago in school where they played with

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WordPress Blog Hacked? How to figure it out.

** Been hacked?  Not a techie?  Contact me before you do damage you can’t fix.  Free consult with no strings. ** When a wordpress blog is hacked one of a couple things has usually happened. 1.) They have done a

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Extra steps for establishing trust.

When you build a new site (especially for a client) or head back and start fixing up one of your older sites I’m sure all of us “seo guys” tend to look for ways to improve things. This is a

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Elk Antler Treats for Dogs: Full E-commerce Roll Out and a 2 month case study

The Back Story: Had a slow week a little bit ago and figured we’d let our hair down and go to town.  We researched and came up with a physical product we wanted to sell.  Normally I’m working for an

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Super Dog Deals – A discount coupon site for dogs!

I recently put up a new site called Super Dog Deals.  It’s a responsive layout that scales to just about any sized monitor (I know the form on the index page doesn’t, but that’s a third party newsletter service).  It’s

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Artificial Intelligence with Python

It’s true – the things we learn in college aren’t really fun or applicable. But this video makes a great argument for doing something fun – it’s about python, but it’s a fun language anyway!

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PHP to check nameservers

So I found myself combining two servers the other day and regenerating the sites on each. Luckily I had a list of all the domains that I was dealing with in two databases – I just had to do certain

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