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RazorFlow – Html5 Dashboards

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PHP 5.5 – Generators will be available

When PHP5.5 is released (July we hope) we will have a few new tools in our arsenals.  One of those is Generators.  In a nutshell this function will enable you to slide through an array an item at a time

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Quick and easy print_r format for php

We use this regularly at work when we want to see the contents of an array:   function d($display) { echo ‘<br><font color=”red”>**START**</font> <pre>’; if(is_array($display)) { print_r($display); } else { echo $display; } echo ‘</pre><font color=”red”>**END**</font>’; } }   Just

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Ctype – Easy and fast type checking.

There are times when a developer finds they do things a stupid way (all the time – am I right?).  A great example is that if I’ve got to check if a number REALLY is a number.  I’ve been programming

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