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RazorFlow – Html5 Dashboards

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PHP 5.5 – Generators will be available

When PHP5.5 is released (July we hope) we will have a few new tools in our arsenals.  One of those is Generators.  In a nutshell this function will enable you to slide through an array an item at a time

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You can’t just be a developer anymore! ( a note to all want to be developers)

(Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to spend as much time designing and laying things out as I do developing.  Even if I have a designer, I’ve still got to format

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Browser Tools For Developers

Since I’ve got a few folks I’m helping out with my little codecademy challenge I’m finding that they don’t have the general tools on their P.C. that I assume they should have.  Sometimes it’s easy to not think about all

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Challenge: Show me a single large outsourced project that was successful?

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the privilege to try and repair two large websites that had been made with outsourced programmers from overseas.  In both cases the sites were nothing more than cobbled together code from a hundred different sources,

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Meteor is going to blow you away.

There is a new “awesome” tool in town – one that will make the hype that existed when “Ruby on Rails” debuted look sad and pathetic compared to it. Programmers and developers will take a single look at Meteor and

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