Custom Built Computers

 *Custom computer builds and service with free pick up and drop off in  Delaware Kent County (Dover, Smyrna, Middletown) area*

Why Have Your Computer Custom Built?

– Reliability, upgrade-able, and more power for your $$!

– Gaming rigs!

– Long Lasting

If you buy your computers from a store, you’ll find that they come loaded up with bloatware.  Before you do a thing, you have programs, spyware, and other “tools” they give you that will hurt your computer performance over time and open you to new viruses, and problems down the road.

Here is the scary part, you are over paying for a computer that has a lifespan of about a year because they are made with sub quality parts at the minimum specs to “sound good”.

A good custom built computer lasts much longer with fewer problems than any computer you will buy out of the box.  If your child is a gamer, blow them away with an affordable computer that can handle the latest games and won’t be obsolete in a week!

Contact me ( ) and I’ll figure out your needs, and build you the best computer you could possibly get for your money.    I’m also available for computer repair, and clean up.  If you have a computer you haven’t cleaned out in some time, it’s something you should deal with right away. Dust and dirt collect inside the computer and create a fire hazard!

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