I do a lot of back end programming, and most of that for other firms or companies.  That means I can’t show you everything I have done.  I’m a great LAMP stack developer who does front end work.  I’m a novice designer at best (* I can’t draw a stick *), but I can get more than the basics done with Photoshop.

I’ve been dealing with the marketing side of things for many years as well – I try and build websites so they are as profitable as can be.  That means I pay attention to ROI, feature sets, planning, marketing, increasing visitor base, etc…



  • Object Oriented PHP with or without a framework.
  • Database Management /Raw SQL ( Mysql).
  • CSS/CSS3 (Basic LESS and SASS)
  • Mobile First / Responsive Design with or without a framework.
  • Javascript.
  • Jquery/Ajax
  • Version Control (SVN, Tortoise, GIT).
  • Unix/Nginx
  • Project Planning, Outlining, Estimating.
  • Photoshop (Editing, layout, background removal, basic logos).
  • Toad for Oracle.


Experience with Frameworks, Open Source, and third Party Scripts

  • Laravel(3,4), Codeigniter, and some Symfony Exposure.
  • YUI, Bootstrap, Foundation, Twig, Smarty, PHTAL.
  • Dojo, Mootools, knockout.js.
  • 3dCart Custom Theme Development.
  • Magento theme editing, customization, set up, and module editing.
  • WordPress Theme editing, theme creation, plugin extensions, modifications, and custom plugin development.
  • Google Maps API, Facebook API.
  • Variety of CMS, Cart, ticketing systems, and other third-party scripts.



I’ve done a lot of projects under contract.  Here are just a few examples, so you know my skill set and type of complex work I’m able to complete and ship:

  • CRM and invoicing system.  (php, laravel3, ajax).
  • Created database, and api interface for a scientific data storage system and modeler.
  • Created affiliate marketing scripts, and membership portals.
  • Service Company Software (Google maps integration, route planning, tracking minutes/hours per type of repair, invoicing, and mobile billing).
  • Course Service (Website that allows corporations and small business to train their staff and track their progress).
  • Magneto, Open Cart, 3dCart, and other shopping carts / e-commerce sites.
  • Automated system to take list of keywords, registers a related domain for each, create the server account, install WordPress, install theme and plugins, and add content to the pages.
  • WordPress Plugins to force “likes” before content shows up.
  • WordPress Plugins to publish content from an external database on a regular basis.
  • Built and maintained one of the most popular American Idol websites including managing the servers, load, and bursts of traffic.
  • Hundreds of landing pages and lead capture sites.
  • Repaired hacked WordPress blogs.
  • Hundreds of PSD to HTML conversions.
  • Many PSD to wordpress conversions.




Delaware Technical Community College

My work for the College is not public facing.  So here are some short descriptions, and a few images.  No fancy design here – it’s utilitarian and that is how it is supposed to be.

Template System/Quick Bootstrap Framework

My first project at the college was to create a framework that we could use on all of our internal projects with out making us dependent on a third party framework such as Laravel or Cakephp.  We also felt that due to the large number of one or two page applications that we had to create a full MVC set up was not practical.  I did choose a few third party tools to make life easier.  All of our new internal applications are PHP apps, with dependency injection, and auto-loading.  I also chose to use TWIG as a template system for ease of maintenance down the road.  All logic and templates are completely separate. While most of our users are on desktops, there are a number of users who may be accessing with a tablet or iPad, so I also integrated in bootstrap.  In about 15 seconds we can have a framework up with our basic classes, integrated in with CAS, LDAP, Oracle, Banner, and Mysql.

Manage Project

This was an existing application that was outdated, buggy, and needed to be modernized.  It also touched systems all over the college (multiple databases, campuses, banner, oracle, mysql, ldap, etc..) In other words, this was a great project for me to do that would give me a good reason to learn about all the various systems.

Manage (1) Manage (3) Manage (2) Manage


Api/Importers/Small projects

We regularly have small projects to do such as to communicate with third party vendors to provide with student lists, and get and provide data.  This required SOAP or CURL in most cases. We also maintain many legacy applications and provide data to administrators.

Assessment Project

This was a large project that had been ‘underway’ for over 3 years.  Since the code base was old, and there were some flaws in logic, I decided to scrap it and start over.   Before a line of programming could be done, the assessment process had to be understood.  Colleges have to be accredited.  This means they have to assess and report on every course, campus, department, etc..  This is done every year.  Prior to this application, this was a process that was done by hand on paper.  DTCC is one college with many campuses, and this complicates stuff drastically since all campuses have different courses and programs.    Every assessment also has different users, committees ,and groups that are allowed to see it at certain stages, and that have to approve it before it moves on.  Those groups change in the middle of an assessment (they can go on for over a calendar year), so it got complicated.    This was probably the most complicated “concept” I’ve ever programmed.  There are layers and layers of associations that may or may not be active for programs, users, etc..



BarclayCard whitelabels credit cards to businesses.  That means they deal with the landing pages, application process, tracking etc…

During my time at BarclayCard, I developed a template system to allow any partner to be migrated quickly to a more modern framework (but we still had to display correct on IE6).  You can see this framework by going to http://store.apple.com/us/browse/finance/instant_credit and hitting apply.

I also coded landing pages (such as the apple one from the link above), and things like this.

These pages were built on the YUI frameworkon JSP pages, with logic being displayed with JSTL tags.


Delaware Webmaster / Ed Charkow

I’ve recently redone Delaware Webmaster and Ed Charkow.com   They have  been sorely neglected for several years and it was in need of a revamp across the board.  Both are  now responsive, and actually targets the services and types of work I like to do!


Treats Monthly

Treatsmonthly.com was originally designed by myself as a project for my wife to act as a concierge for pet treats and toys.  It has a responsive design and scales to the size of the monitor.  Facebook integration, and a mysql back end powers the membership area and administration panel. Treats Monthly was abandoned in favor of just focusing on Elk Antlers, but here is a screen shot of the site as designed.

pet treats monthly

Included Facebook Integration, Customer Management, Billing, Tracking, Customer Notes, etc..  Php/Mysql/Javascript

Elk Antler Treats

Elk Antlers Treats is a on-line retailer of Elk Antler Treats for dogs that focuses on a low cost/volume approach.  I’ve developed it from the ground up with a customized Magento theme and some other custom features that were added in.  I do have a number of other web properties that drive traffic to Elk Antler Treats website as well.


elk antler treats for dogs

Magento, Front End Development, Marketing, Customer Service

It’s funny – We’ve put up “fancier” versions, and the sales plummet.  I think for things like this people want to see us as who we are (people) instead of as a fancy company that has support in India.  There are a number of components to the Elk Antler Site:

1.) The root of the site:  http://elkantlerstreats.com

The root of the site is pretty basic.  It’s just php, html and css.  I did hook it into Magento to pull the product listings dynamically though.

2.) The Store:  http://elkantlerstreats.com/elkantlerstore/

This is a Magento installation with a few hacks, and some theme work. We’ve experimented with “look/feel” and found that the simple “mom and pop” look conveys what we about with the site and converts better.

3.) The Blog:  This is a pretty basic wordpress site.  I just did some custom css changes to the default wordpress theme.  Elk Antler Dog Treats Blog.


Super Dog Deals

Superdogdeals is was a “groupon” like site that supported several advertisers.  It was integrated with Aweber API to manage e-mail delivery and avoid spam issues. Again, this site was left to wither away after it’s domain renewal was up since we were focusing purely on Elk Antler sales. Wish I had time to run it, but I don’t.  It used php / mysql / and a lot of ajax forms.

Super Dog Deals

Super Dog Deals – Coupon Site




References are available by request, can be seen on my Linkedin profile, or screenshots are below:






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